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Dusty helped Ali and Dee Dee to create some amazing energy sets that many horses will benefit from.  He was a straight shooter who taught us to be patient, stay present, and let go of our "thinking minds", if only for a moment. He was a little blonde unicorn with a great love for snacks and neck scratches and he left this world better than he found it.

On December 20, 2021, Ali said goodbye to Dusty after 23 years together though he remains a Teacher on our page. As long as we work to share our gifts with others he will continue to bless the world with his wisdom.  Thank you, Old Man.

Skip Red Roan.jpg


Skip's Last (Skip) is a 25 year old Red Roan Appaloosa.  He is the inspiration for Dee Dee's practice and of course where the name comes from!  He has been with Dee Dee for 7 years and their journey together has been full of life lessons. Dee Dee works to use her intuition in daily life with Skip, however, with the help of Ali, she has been able to offer him more nuanced help when needed.  He has quite the personality and has told several different animal communicators how proud he is of his wonderful tail (many horse folks know that Appaloosas often don't have long tails)!

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