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I truly believe we learn from each other.  I have found many people and resources along the way that have helped me on my journey. I wanted to share some of them with you.  They may be horse related or Reiki/Energy related or something else altogether!

Article - Does Reiki Guarantee a Problem free life?

Bottom line from the article: "Reiki guarantees peace with your choice of resolution and always works for the highest good"

Article - Dr. K's Horse Sense - Selenium

Skip had a selenium deficiency and I found this article helpful when figuring out how much is enough and/or too much

Article - Natural Treatments - Reiki

Good short article from Natural Horse World - Interview with a Reiki Practioner

Article - Alternative Therapies Natural Horse World

Statement - on sharing Reiki w/animals

Shared from Karen Edwards Reiki Grandmaster

The first and most important thing we need to do is adjust how we think about animals and about how a Reiki session needs to be done. Animal Reiki is entirely animal-led. The animal decides if they want to participate in a Reiki session at all, how long or short the session will be, whether hands will be placed on them during the session or if it will be done from a distance. They decide all aspects of the session. We might think that their caretaker makes the decisions regarding the animal’s treatment with Reiki, much as they do with their veterinarian and with the foods their pet eats. Seeing the animal as a whole and empowered being is one of the most healing aspects of animal Reiki, and permission is a huge part of that. So, they get to decide if they want Reiki, how long the session will be, and how they choose to participate in the session. Simply offering them this power to make a decision frees and heals because it restores their personal power—even if their decision is that they don’t want to have Reiki.

Horse Vaccination Protocal

This is article (written by a veterinarian) has important information on vaccines and deworming for horses.

Holistic Veterinarian, New Boston NH

Holistic Animal Wellness - Natural Veterinary of NH - for Dogs & Cats

Dr. Cianelli has been an amazing addition for our fur family. (dogs) She has helped us get our dog Carson back on track to a healthy, energetic life through diet and acupuncture.  I highly recommend her for anyone looking to add a more holistic approach for their dog or cat.

     More Resources 

These resources have assisted me on my journey with Skip. May they also be a guide for you ~

Acu-Horse: A Guide to Equine Acupressure

Book by Amy Snow and Nancy A Zidonis

When the Horses Whisper: The Wisdom of Wise and Sentient Beings

by Rosalyn W. Berne

What Horses Say

How to Hear, Help and Heal Them

by Anna Clemence MewsJulie Dicker

Skip Field.jpeg

Natural Horse Care

Articles and Shopping Websites to keep your animals feeling their best!

Natural Herbs for your horse/Dog/Cat

Article - Feeding your Horse Naturally

How I Took My Horses Grain-free

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