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Wild Icelandic Horses

What I Do

Ali Lund, Animal Communicator

I help to give the non-human animals that we share this planet with a voice. If you're living with animals then you are already in constant communication with them whether you realize it or not. However, sometimes another perspective with one more degree of separation from the noise can add clarity and offer a solution to fill in any gaps. I am here to support that. I challenge you to commit to the growth of your own consciousness through the love of another species. 

I am happy to work with all animals, no matter the species. I offer distance sessions in the form of a phone call--you do not need to be near the animal at the time of the session. I ask for a picture and the name of the animal before hand which is the energetic equivalent of you giving me their "phone number". During the call I will tune in to the animal and ask them if they have anything they would like you to know, such as health concerns or anxieties, and then I will ask you if there are any answers you'd like from them.

To schedule, call or text 860.336.7555

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