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Energy & Communication Sessions

We are an Aunt/Niece team who use various methods to allow the physical and subtle bodies to bring themselves into alignment and achieve balance. As a progressive Reiki Therapist/Energy Bodyworker, Dee Dee believes in nurturing the whole being rather than "battling against" dis-ease and Ali's focus gives the animal a say in their life and brings the animal's own innate intelligence into the healing space. When both communication and energy work are combined you get a synergistic coupling that has us really excited about the future of animal care specifically and health care in general!


Distance Reiki Bodywork with Dee Dee

$45 per half hour, Human or Non-Human Animal

After a single session, many clients experience positive changes in their body, mind and energy levels.


Integrated Energy Healing & Communication with Dee Dee and Ali

$250 per session. These sessions are entirely led by the animal and as such, will vary. A session is typically 30-60 minutes but will depend on how much energy the individual animal can tolerate at once. Dee Dee and Ali will get together on a phone call at a designated time in order to work together with the animal. This will be followed by a short phone call with the animal's human and an email summary of the session will also be sent.

These sessions are useful for relief of inflammation, anxiety, behavioral difficulties, trauma release, for nutrition counseling and general balancing.

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Animal Communication with Ali

$150 for a 30 to 60 minute phone call with email summary. Follow up calls are $30 for the first 10 minutes and $2 per minute after that with a summary provided if relevant.

These clarity sessions are useful for relief of anxiety, conflict resolution, and medical support, particularly if you're not quite sure about exactly where the problem is. Any species of animal will benefit.

Call or text 860.336.7555 to schedule.

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In Person Energy Bodywork with Dee Dee

$85 per half hour, travel fee may apply.

In person sessions will begin with a check-in with the horse's/Animal's human. The goal of each session is for the human to become present and grounded in order to become aware of what the horse/animal needs. Sessions may last 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the needs of the horse and human.

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